Blog - How to Overcome Night time Cravings/Snacking  

The first thing is to identify whether you eat due to hunger or craving. Sometimes you can under eat during the day and thus get hungry at night, thereby mistaking it with cravings. If you have troubles sleeping at night and wake up severally in the middle of the night from hunger, this act is a true sign of hunger. At such instances, you will need to eat real food.

After identifying that you are not eating out of hunger, and it’s thus cravings, you can go ahead and use the following tips to overcome the snacking behavior. Remember that it is not wise to suppress the cravings by depriving yourself of these snacks.

Substitute your "normal" snacks with healthy snacks such as veg sticks, fruit, nuts, protein shakes etc....

  1. Following the Two-To-Three Hour Rule

Keep yourself satisfied and energised during the day by eating after every two-to-three hours.

It will encompass breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner. The chances are that you will not get the urge of reaching for a snack in the kitchen after dinner.

2. Make Proteins and Fiber Your Best Buddies

Ensure that every meal that you take has proteins and fiber. They will keep you feeling full for longer time periods and thus sustain your energy levels. Go for healthy proteins like chicken, eggs, seeds & nuts, and beans Try to make sure that your last meal at night is made of more proteins than carbs.

3. Sip Some Water

Water is life! Keep a glass of water or a cup of warm green/ fruit tea by your bed when you go to sleep. Each and every time you feel like snacking, sip it slowly to keep your mouth busy.

4. Give It a Break

Maybe you are used to certain behaviors after dinner that has made snacking a habit. Do you read a book after dinner with snacks by your side? Or do you go to bed immediately after dinner, making you feel the urge to eat?

Change the habits-  take a walk after dinner, watch a movie, read a book, research new recipes- try to keep yourself busy by breaking your usual cycle!

Hopefully, the above tips will help you break your night time cravings.

Booti Momma