Tracey Dixon 

I absolutely LOVE it!

I joined booticamp babes last September. My friend asked me to go with her just for 3 months. But when my 3 months was up I was addicted to Booti in a very positive way.

I absolutely LOVE it! I joined to tone up and get fit. I'd gained weight over the last few months and couldn't find any motivation to exercise or eat healthy but was unhappy at my clothes getting tight! So I gave Booti a try and its working really well.I feel much fitter, healthier and less tired. I also love the compliments I get about how much better I'm looking. So my self esteem and confidence are building.

My hubby fully supports my Booti dedication too. Iv lost 1/2 a stone since September too. The super friends iv made at Booti are always there to support and understand and get u through the exercise session if u ever tire, such a fun way to get fit. Booti has changed how I feel about my life now, I'm sooooo much happier! Thank you Booticamp Babes, u r all great. Tracey 45 from Riddings xx