I can honestly say, this is the first time I have lost weight and actually enjoyed the process

I decided to do the challenge as I had let myself go a bit (well, a lot) since getting married in the summer and although I already attended bootcamp regularly and jogged once a week, I knew that exercise alone wasn’t going to shift the weight; it needed to be combined with good eating.

Admittedly, the first week of the challenge was probably the hardest in terms of organisation and ensuring I had the right foods in the house although it was also satisfying as I managed to lose 7lb in those first 7 days.

I can honestly say, this is the first time I have lost weight and actually enjoyed the process rather than it feeling like a chore. This is down to the support and motivation from the group aswell as a well planned 4 week menu with a variety of tasty meals which I thoroughly enjoyed.

After losing the stone on the challenge, I was concerned the hard bit would be maintaining the loss after. However, because I continued clean eating during the week and only had occasional treats at the weekend, I managed to maintain and even lose some more weight. Now, 6 months after winning the challenge, I have still kept of the weight I originally lost during the 4 week challenge and still walk around a stone lighter! The challenge taught me a lot about my body and what I personally need to do to maintain my weight loss, as everyone’s different, and knowing that, I know that I can maintain it without having to starve myself.

Top 5 tips: Keep focused on yourself and your target – don’t compare yourself to how much others have lost. Focus on how you feel as well as the pounds and inches you have lost – so at the end of the week if your loss isn’t as much as you had hoped – ask yourself – do my clothes feel loser? Do I feel healthier? Drink plenty of water… it really does make you feel better, lighter and fresher – I can really tell now when I haven’t been drinking much. Be organised – cause when your feeling peckish and you have no fruit or healthy snacks in the house – that’s when you are going to suffer and you will start reaching for the treats.

** Celebrate every pound and every inch lost (it all counts) **