Give this a go-it really works!!

I have always been a competitive netball player and very sporty; however after having operations on my knees it became impossible to play. I found it hard to motivate myself to exercise as I found gyms boring and found myself wasting my money on pointless memberships. After finishing university, I had piled on weight from lack of exercise, too much food and a lot of drink. At my heaviest I weighed 11 stone 7lbs and was a size 14 and became really unhappy with my body.

I started Booticamp Babes in January this year after one of my close friends recommended it to me. I knew that by joining organised and regular classes I would be motivated to exercise regularly. I absolutely loved the classes, they were fun, the women were all really supportive and the team were always really happy to help. I started to feel fitter and noticed that my clothes became looser and it spurred me on to keep going-although it wasn’t hard because the classes were great. I have been doing my teacher training which has been a lot of hard work and very stressful but I managed to still train 3 times a week and some weeks even trained 5 times. It was a massive stress release and definitely kept me sane throughout my PGCE year!!

I decided to do the challenge after seeing the real women real results photos-proof that the program works on real women! I knew I wanted to shift a few pounds and tone my body so thought I would give it a go. The clean eating program and the exercise sessions have been really tough but the rewards have been incredible. My body shape has completely changed and I have never felt so energised and healthy. I didn’t think it would work but the inches were falling off me week by week. Over 4 weeks I lost 7lbs and 13 inches but since January I have lost a stone and finally fit into my size ten clothes again. My body confidence has grown and I even decided to do the latest Booticamp promotion photo-shoot in my bikini-something I would have never considered before!

To have people to tell you you look amazing and actually feeling that way is the great! I would tell any woman to give this a go-it really works!! If you want to feel happy, confident, energised and want to change the way you think about food give Booticamp Babes a go. I did and I will never look back!