Lucy Milford 

Overall I lost 18lbs and 11.5 inches during the 4 weeks

I did the January Challenge, because I wanted to change my eating habits, to learn the balance of clean eating to feel more confident and healthier. As you know we all over indulge over christmas leading up to the new year and I wanted to make mine a fresh start.

Its sometimes difficult to admit to yourself you need some help, guidance but with Booticamp Babes, exercise and clean eating plan, I had just that, not just from the wonderful leaders but from all the other members of the group, I felt motivated and inspired by other people and instead of saying 'no I cant' eventually I found myself saying yes I can! It was the best desicion I made!

Overall I lost 18lbs and 11.5 inches during the 4 weeks and since then I have lost another 6lbs, taking my total up to 24, just 4lbs off 2 stone in just 8 weeks! I feel healthier, fitter and I'm happier than I've ever been. my confidence has soared and I'm looking forward to playing all my gigs this year!

For those who are considering the next challenge I say just go for it because at the end of the day you have nothing to lose..but pounds and inches!