husband loves the sexy new me

"Throughout my teens and early 20s I had always considered myself pretty fit and relatively healthy and never worried about my weight. However after having 2 beautiful little girls, I was feeling pretty fed up with my weight gain, fitness (lack of!) and lifestyle in general. After researching my options I found Booticamp Babes and it seemed the obvious choice, offering what appeared to be very good value for money. Being women only also appealed to me.  When I called to enquire and discussed why I wanted to attend, Sarah was very helpful, encouraging yet also very honest about what to expect – which re-assured me that this was the right choice  for me. I can honestly say that I have never done anything so physically (and mentally!) challenging in my life and after the first session I ached in places that I  never thought possible, however the sense of achievement far outweighs the pain, its a great stress reliever too! Thanks to training hard I have so much more confidence than ever before and my husband loves the sexy new me! I have tons more energy and have lost nearly two stone, the camaraderie of the group is fantastic and I've made some friends for life. I would highly recommend Booticamp to any woman wanting to get fit and change her life"!