I loved Booti from my very first day the atmosphere was brilliant

I joined Booticamp Babes in March 2014 after seeing my beautiful cousin Tara at a family party, she looked amazing and put her new found confidence and shape down to Booticamp Babes.

I loved Booti from my very first day the atmosphere was brilliant, there were ladies of all ages shapes and sizes and they were all having a great time.

I've always been a comfort eater and as a result a yo yo dieter. I've tried every diet out there, and I have lost weight. However I put it all back on plus more as soon as I fall off the wagon.

After seeing the results in the ladies who did the September challenge and hearing just how much they enjoyed it, I decided to take part in the January Challenge, as I needed a boost after Christmas, but I was so nervous about not liking the food or not being able to stick to it!

However I can honestly say I loved the whole experience not only did I loose 13lbs but I lost 19 inches 7.5 of those were from my waist. The biggest surprise for me though is just how easy it is to follow the clean eating plan. And within week 1, I started seeing the benefits. I slept better, my skin looked healthier and more importantly I had more energy than ever before!

To top off the whole experience I won the challenge and I couldn't be prouder of the Booti Team, the lovely challenge ladies and of myself.

Booticamp Babes for me is more than just weight loss and exercise. Its given me back my confidence, which is priceless. Its also improved my fitness levels so much and each and every on of the team is encouraging and supportive, they are just like family to me.