I have lost nearly 3 stone and over 30 inches

Prior to training with Booticamp Babes, I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) which is a condition which has several unpleasant side effects including excessive weight gain and a difficulty in losing weight.

Even though I was training at Booti and eating healthy, my weight kept increasing and I started getting pains, I spoke with Sarah as I knew she was a nurse with 14 years experience and she advised me to see my GP and to keep on pestering him, until he took me seriously.

After numerous visits to the GP’s, I was finally diagnosed with an under active thyroid so I now I had 2 common conditions which make weight loss near on impossible. I felt so frustrated and depressed, however after talking things through with my GP and Sarah it was recommend I follow a clean low calorie plan, I also made sure that I trained hard with the Babes 3 x a week.

Since September 2014, I have lost nearly 3 stone and over 30 inches, 9 of which are from around my waist alone!! Its been hard and there have been times when I've nearly given up, but with the backing and encouragement, motivation and support from Sarah, Julie and all the Booti Babe, Im so glad I've kept going as Im now at my target weight and feel fantastic!

Due to such a significant change in my health I have now also been able to reduce my medication, I cannot tell you how well I feel

I am living proof that even though I have PCOS and an under active thyroid that you CAN lose weight. I am training to do my 1st triathlon in August at the tender age of (almost) 37! So if your suffering and struggling give Booti a go, its not going to be easy but believe me its certainly worth it!!

I would definitely recommend you start your FREE trial TODAY!