I one million % recommend Booticamp Babes

Like a lot of women I am conscious of my body shape after having my babies. I attended a free trial week in September 2012 and enjoyed it so much, but my second son was only 4 weeks old and I couldn't come to as many sessions as I would of liked. At the beginning of April I received an email from Booticamp Babes explaining about a Challenge coming up in May. It also had a young lady plastered all over the email with before and after pictures from the previous challenge, She was the winner losing a massive amount of weight and inches. She looked amazing, this women inspired me so much that I went on the Booticamp Website checked the times and venues and went to a session that night and signed up as a member and for May Challenge. I wanted to prove to myself that even after having the boys I could still feel comfortable in my own skin so signing up for May Challenge seemed like the perfect thing to do. The support I received whilst on the Challenge was second to none. Three days before I started the Challenge I was sent detailed emails explaining all aspects and expectations whilst doing the challenge. I also received a weekly meal schedule and recipes for the duration of May. From doing the challenge I have gained my confidence back and met some great ladies as well. If you want to feel like you again but just need that push I 1 million % recommend Booticamp Babes. The support you receive is fantastic and the training sessions are at convenient times for people who work both full and part time. My relationship with food and exercise has changed for good and its all thanks to Booticamp Babes .