Its changed my life for the better

"PCOS made me sleepless, tired, moody and irritable and weight gain and migranes were a constant daily battle ,  My diet was hideous and my sugar levels were all over the place, I actually used to eat cereal for lunch, because it would give me that 'pick me up' I needed to get through the day. It worked... until the 3-4pm slump. It felt like being dropped in a deep dark hole, and trying to claw my way back to somewhere near level required all my effort! I was fed up of feeling like this and just didnt know what to do and who to turn too! 

I was introduced to Booticamp Babes by a friend and I can honestly say that its changed my life for the better, I feel so much more energized and alive and my symptoms have dramatically improved, I havent even had a migrane since starting which has been a revelation...  the meal plans are satisfying and easy to follow and there is so much support and motivation from the trainers.  The training is hard but definitely well worth it, as they say "No pain no gain"

What I love the most about Booticamp is that its friendly and great for making new friends, it has given me a new lease of life,  I love it and would highly recommend it to anybody no matter what size, shape or fitness level you are!

Since starting Booticamp I've lost 13lb & 18"inches, which when you suffer from PCOS is absolutely AMAZING!!"