Lost over a stone and dropped 2 dress sizes

Our september challenge winer

I first joined Booticamp Babes in March this year after a friend recommended I give it a try. I enjoy exercise but was bored with gym and was fed up of trying every diet known to man with limited results for a short space of time before falling off the wagon. I had my weeks free trial and enjoyed the changeling workouts and the friendly atmosphere so signed up and never looked back. I attend 3-4 classes every week and I love the flexibility of being able to go to different classes at different times of the day depending on what is going on each week.

I started to notice changes in my shape and fitness levels very quickly which gave me the confidence to take part in the 12 days of fitness photo shoot for Booticamp Babes and I was really pleased with the photos.

I decided to take part in the September challenge because although I was attending regular classes by eating habits were terrible and I wanted to give myself that extra push. I was determined to do well at the challenge as I think some people were sceptical that I would be able to refrain from a glass of red or a bar of chocolate after a tough day at work. The first few days getting used to clean eating were tough as I was having to think about what to eat but the challenge secret group on Facebook was a great support. Talking to other people on the challenge sharing recipes, thoughts and photos was fantastic and really spurred me on. I quickly found exciting new recipes and managed to adapt a lot of my old ones so they were now clean. In my first week on the challenge I lost 6lbs and which was a fantastic feeling and pushed me to stick to it.

Clean eating on the challenge has really changed my eating habits, the key is planning. I always make sure I have the right foods on hand and everything you can have is delicious and fresh. I have learned to listen to my body and not eat when I am not hungry or because I am bored. I have lost my craving for sugar and now eat at regular intervals to stop myself feeling hungry. Clean eating has now become a way of life and although I will be having the odd treat I intend to keep the weight off for good.

I would recommend Booticamp to anyone who is looking to change the way they feel about their body and eating habits. Everyone is friendly and supportive and if you put in the effort you will get fantastic results!