Deb Goodrun 

I love, love, love Booticamp Babes, they’ve really made a difference to my life

Over the last few years I’ve let myself get into a rut, nothing seemed to motivate me. I became a classic couch potato and gained a lot of weight. After a heart health scare and being diagnosed with high blood pressure I had managed to lose weight before on different diets but by September last year I had pretty much piled all of the pounds back on and my eating habits and lifestyle were so unhealthy.

In January I watched and admired the January challenge ladies as they achieved stunning results. Their success inspired me, I wanted to get in shape for the summer, improve my health and boost my confidence, so I decided to take part in the March challenge.

I can honestly say it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. I loved taking part in the challenge. I didn’t know what to expect, and for the first few days I was getting used to different ways of eating and preparing meals. The food was full of flavour and filling and I made and tried lots of lovely different foods. After only a few days I started to see and feel the benefits of eating clean. As well as the fab recipes the challenge FB page was brilliant, all of the ladies on the challenge were lovely, really supportive and encouraging and it was great to post every day and to share our thoughts. There was always someone there to help with a friendly supportive comment or a great idea or recipe, this certainly helped me keep on track.

I stuck to the plan for the full challenge and attended 3-4 Booti sessions a week and I was delighted and amazed at the end of the challenge when I had lost 16lbs and 13.5” from around my body. I feel really great, I’m getting lots of lovely comments about how I look and my confidence has really grown.

Since completing the challenge I’ve continued eating clean and I have lost a further 8lbs, 24lbs in total.

I love, love, love Booticamp Babes, they’ve really made a difference to my life, I feel happier, healthier and fitter and my confidence continues to grow each day.