we are just like a little family.

"After having my youngest daughter I was unhappy with my weight and the way my body looked, I also felt really low, so I decided I needed to do something about it. After hearing from friends who had been members of Booticamp Babes I decided to give it a go! The first few days after starting Booticamp I ached all over but its defiantly worth it as I now have definition in my arms and legs and my stomach looks flatter than it has done in years!  The sessions are different every time so I never know what to expect but thats what I like as I don't get bored.  Booticamp Babes has helped me to shift my baby weight and get fit at the same time, I also feel great and have so much more energy which is what you need when you have a one year old whose just learnt to walk!  I've also met some amazing people through Booticamp Babes, as one of the benefits of being a member is that we are added to a secret Facebook group where we can share tips, recipes and advice. We also support each other when one of us is having a bad day, which helps keeps everyone on track - we are just like a little family.  I have lost over a stone and a half since starting Booticamp and the inches Ive lost are just too many to count! I would recommend Booticamp Babes to any woman wanting to lose weight, get fit and all whilst having fun and making new friends".