10 DAY PLAN + 12 RAYS 

12 rays of fitness + 10 day plan

Why not combine the 12 Rays of Fitness with the 10 day plan and get amazing results for your holiday!

before and after On the 10 day plan you can expect to lose between 5-13lbs, whilst
attending 3 sessions a week on the 12 Rays of fitness will help to tone
and hone your bikini body to perfection, ensuring you feel confidant to
hit the beach!

12 Rays of Fitness & 10 day plan usually £75!

Special Price £65!

2016 BootiCamps

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12 Rays of Fitness + 10 Day Plan

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*terms & Conditions: Offer runs thoughout July Only: Payment is non-refundable or non-transferable.