Sarah (A.K.A Booti Momma) 


At the helm of the Booti ship, is none other than the creator of Booticamp Babes....
"I have been on my own personal weight loss journey nearly all of my adult life and I can completely identify with ALL women who are overweight and lacking confidence.
You see since I can remember, I was always an overweight child.
I totally understand how feeling fat can affect you: the inability to join in team games, the bullying, not fitting in with the popular crowd, the hatred of waistbands, crop tops, skinny jeans, the lethargy; the panting caused by the smallest bit of exercise, the panic induced by the thought of a beach holiday; the pain of looking in the mirror; the lack of confidence and feeling thoroughly miserable...
After the birth of my gorgeous daughter Ellie 13 years ago, I was on a mission to lose the 5 stone that I had gained- in those 13 years I tried EVERY diet going, you name it I did it, like most women I lost the weight then piled it back on!
However it wasnt until 2010, that I tried the concept of clean eating coupled with exercise 3-4 times a week, I was sceptical at first and I was horrified at what I had to cut out of my "normal" diet!
However, I saw my weight literally fall off- In 4 short weeks I dropped a dress size and lost 9lbs and since following this lifestyle choice I have lost a further 10lbs and have NEVER put that weight back on again, although I am human and like EVERY women, I can fluctuate a few lbs here and there.
I launched Booticamp Babes in July 2012 and along with my fantastic team, we help women understand their bodies and show them how to take control of their lifestyle, say goodbye to faddy diets, yo-yo-ing weight loss/gain. We help them to cope with life's demands and support them if they are suffering with low self esteem, desperation, depression, comfort eating and despair.
We provide weekly nutritional plans, including, recipes and tips.
we have a secret Facebook group dedicated to our members to give them as much motivation and support as we can so we can help them achieve their goals.
Alongside all of my fitness qualifications gained, including Level 2, Boxercise, Nutrition, Older Adults, GP Refeal and Kettlecise, I am also a nurse with over 19 years experience, 12 of those years specialising in Aesthetics- which is another passion of mine. Helping women to look and feel good from the inside out is my absolute passion.
Along with my amazingly loyal, dedicated fantastic team- I currently run 22 Booticamp sessions a week in various locations throughout Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Chesterfield.
I take an active interest in ALL my members body transformations and have a fabulous team that are here to keep them on track with their goals.