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  • May 30


    Booticamp Babes Clean Meals

    Honey Nut Smoothie

    Honey Nut Smoothie

    1 Banana
    240ml of Almond Milk
    1 Tbsp Honey
    1Tbsp organic peanut butter
    1 cup of crushed ice

    Place all ingredients in blender and pulse until smooth

    Mason Jar Salad


    Mason Jar Salad

    2 tbsp of olive oil
    Squeeze of 1/2 a lemon
    Salt & pepper

    4-5 Cherry Tomatoes
    Handful of celery
    Handful of diced carrots
    Handful of dice cucumber
    Handful of dices peppers
    Handful of spring onions
    Handful of Spinach

    Place dressing at the bottom of a mason jar and layer ingredients, make sure the salad leaves are at the top and then shake and serve, can be served with chicken, prawns, or if vegetarian use chick peas

    Tuna Fish Cakes


    Tuna Fishcakes

    1 can of tuna in water/brine ( well drained)
    100g of oats
    1 large egg
    50g of sweetcorn
    1 tbsp plain non fat Greek yoghurt
    1/4 tbsp of ground black pepper
    Pinch of chilli flakes

    Mix together all ingredients in a large glass bowl- if mixture is a bit wet, then add a few more oats.
    Heat 2tsp of olive/coconut oil in the a large non-stick pan over med – high heat.
    Make sure your hands are clean and scoop out ¼ of mixture for each cake. form into patties. Fry patties 2-3 mins each side or until golden brown. Serve with a fresh salad.

    Go to for recipe.

    Booti Momma

    Posted By Booti Momma on May 30, 2016 at 11:39 AM