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  • Feb 23

    Bootcamp Bro's

    Bootcamp for men Derbyshire

    Society and environmental factors have taken a toll on today’s man.

    Today with hectic work schedules, less physical activity, and stress levels 100 times greater than our grandparents, obesity has increased and testosterone levels have plummeted. 

    This leaves men unhealthy, feeling weak, stressed out, overweight, lethargic and with low libidos! 

    To combat this we introduce the Bootcamp Bro's experience for men only.

    At Bootcamp Bro's, we don’t just lift weights, there is no boring cardio and machines here, we run different workouts every session utilising equipment ranging from Kettle Bells, Free Weights, Battling Ropes, Medicine Balls, Swiss Balls, Body Weight, Bands, Tyres, Sprinting, Agility Drills and more to prevent boredom and shock your body into results!

    2016 is the time to improve your health, energy, libido and muscle mass while decreasing stress and body fat, helping you achieve the body and lifestyle you always wanted. 

    Sign up today and get your first session FREE! 

    Bootcamp Bro's offers all the benefits of private personal training in a fun and motivational small group atmosphere for a fraction of the cost!

    Combine this type of training with our nutritional guidelines and watch the fat melt off and the healthy, studly body you’ve always dreamed of appear!

    Call 07816869626 for more details or book online and secure your place TODAY!

    8-9pm Every Wednesday at Ripley Junior School.

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  • Feb 23

    Hey baby wanna burn some calories?

    Health and Fitness tips for men!

    IF you are in a situation where you are trying to get your partner to lead a healthier lifestyle, you may feel as if you're banging your head against the wall.

    After having children, many women decide that its time for them to start looking after themselves, they start exercising, eat well and going to bed earlier and living a healthier lifestyle, however it seems that this new lifestyle doesn't apply to their husbands.

    Many women I know nag their husbands to get to the gym, eat healthier, stop drinking and stop eating takeaways. Whilst the nagging sometimes works, most women feel that it falls upon deaf ears and the more they nag, the more the men resist their efforts to make them take care of themselves.

    While no one can make someone do something they aren't ready for, there are things you can do to help nudge them in the right direction.


    For most couples planning date night, is usually a takeaway and a DVD or a meal out followed by the cinema.

    However why not plan some nights/days that don't involve eating and are active instead.

    Try fun activities like salsa dancing or a why not arrange a Saturday morning park run, held at most parks in Derbyshire.

    Scientists have found that new experiences have a similar effect on the brain as falling in love — so your bond will grow as his belly shrinks.


    There's a reason they call it a beer belly. Not only is booze packed with empty calories (about 210 in a pint of lager), but alcohol messes with your blood sugar and reasoning, and makes you head for the greasiest kebab shop at the end of the night. In other words, a night at the bar can easily add up to nearly 1,000 calories.

    Instead of preaching this to him, encourage him to guzzle a glass of water with or between each beer (just sell it as a hangover remedy). Nutritionists say the extra liquid intake will cause him to drink fewer beers keeping him fuller for longer and banish the late night munchies.


    Men are competitive creatures. They do not want to lose, whether it's at a video game, quiz night, or any form of race.

    With this in mind why not put both of your names down for a challenge such as a 5k run? The fear of not being up to the physical challenge will make him want to start training for it, pronto.

    Don't be afraid to tease him with a little competitive talk, such as I bet I'll beat your time— it'll only push him harder and make him determined to really go for it.


    Most men that I know, think that clean eating equals a boring restrictive diet, so the trick is to make daily subtle swaps and remember not to cut everything out that he loves as if he has to give up high-fat foods and go cold turkey, he'll just feel overwhelmed and totally reject the idea of eating healthy.

    Be creative with your cooking, make a clean healthy version of his favourite dinner, for example, swap full-fat high-calorie burgers made with beef mince to turkey mince (see recipe) and ditch the homemade chips to sweet potato fries and serve with a colourful salad instead of onion rings and swap out the mayo for balsamic vinegar.

    Once he sees that healthy food is tasty he will be hooked!


    It's corny, but true: the couple who trains together stays together. It's because healthy behaviours are contagious.

    In fact, one study found that couples who hit the gym together are up to 94% more likely to stick with their workout routine. Plus, you'll be able to motivate each other when one of you would rather curl up in front of the TV than hit the treadmill.


    Statistics don't lie – women outlive men by roughly seven years.

    Unfortunately it's a common fact that men aren't always the best examples of self-care, being slow on the uptake when it comes to attending appointments for health checks.

    However it really is important to get their health checked out. Encourage him to book in at the GP for a health check up. It's worth noting that blood pressure should be checked every two years, and cholesterol levels checked every five.

    From the age of 40 he will need to get an eye and hearing test, with follow-ups every two to four years after that. He should visit the dentist at least annually for a scale and polish. He should also get an annual flu shot, and have a tetanus booster every 10 years.


    It's Valentine's day and you've got love in your heart for the man in your life, however a word of warning – once you tell him that hooking up is good for his health and heart, "Hey baby, want to burn some calories?" may become his new catchphrase. But it's true, 30 minutes of getting it on will burn about 150 calories.

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