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  • Oct 26

    Back to Booti Post Natal

    Monday Morning Motivation

    Diane is back at Booti after just a 16 week break- heres her story of getting back on track!

    Back exercising post natal.

    "Jess is almost 4 months and I have finally made it back to Booti now that I know she is ok being left for a few hours in between feeds. It’s great to be back and hopefully I can work on toning up my wobbly bits, I have already managed 6 sessions in the last 2 weeks and have been feeling the burn. It’s also nice to do something for me and have a little break from being a Mum.

    I am surprised my fitness is not as bad as I thought it would be but I think everything feels a bit easier without a baby bump, it’s actually made me realise how well I did exercising up to my final month of pregnancy.

    I am trying to stick with the clean eating as much as possible but lots of catch ups with my mummy friends seems to often end in cake and hot chocolate, although we do try and go for a 4/5 mile walk each week, we are hoping to do the 8 miles around Carsington next week if the weather stays dry.

    At the weekend Matt & I are trying to get out and do a 5 mile walk on a Saturday or Sunday as well, Matt has the extra challenge of carrying around Jess in the sling, she loves looking around at the countryside but usually falls asleep half way round.

    We recently took Jess to Wales for a holiday with her Grandparents, it was a lovely week, the weather was very mild and it was nice to spend a week relaxing together. We went to visit castles, enjoyed walks on the beach and visited Portmeirion. We also took Jess on the train up Snowden, we were very lucky it was a clear day and the views were amazing. It would have been nice to walk up, maybe next time!

    Booti Momma

    Posted By Booti Momma on Oct 26, 2015 at 8:48 AM