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  • Jul 9

    bladder blog

    Dont put up with bladder problems - act now.

    Problems I experienced:

    1) If I coughed, I had to stop what I was doing, cross my legs and then cough.

    2) Not able to run without peeing.

    3) If someone made me jump - I would pee.

    4) If I sneezed I pee.

    5) If I left it to long before going to the toilet, I was unable to hold it in until I got there.

    6) Excercising was very difficult - I couldn't do it unless I wore a pad.

    All the above started to become normal and I just put up with it.

    maxines blog

    The year I was going to hit 40 I decided to finally sort a problem out that I have had for lots of years. Even before I had my 2 children, I have always had bladder issues, having children just made this worse. I had ignored this problem for long enough and it was bringing me down, time to face up to it and sort it out. I booked myself in at the docs, I was really nervous and embarrassed about talking to a doctor about this, there is no easy way to put it "Doctor I have a problem, I keep peeing my pants!!". The doctor really made me feel at ease and listened to what I said, he asked me how often this happened and when does this happen. I was honest and told him exactly how it was. He agreed this wasn't normal and referred me to the hospital. Wow, how easy was that. Received my first appointment at the hospital about 3 months after my initial doctors appointment. Again, talked through the problem. The hospital did an examination to confirm there wasn't a serious problem, he told me to keep a diary of what I drank, how often I wee and how often the accidents happen and he referred me to a different department, which was like a physio department - they would discuss my options with me. I received a follow up appointment about 3 months after. I went along and talked to the nurse, again I was honest. She informed me that trying to strengthen my core doing exercises with special equipment was probably to late. The nurse discussed an operation with me, it was called a TVT operation. They insert a tape into your bladder, which controls any leaking. As soon as this was discussed I knew that this was what I wanted. I was referred back to the consultant. About another 3 months after I received my appointment with the consultant. I went along to the appointment, after discussing things, the consultant decided I was able to have the op. That was it, I was booked in, alls I needed to do was wait for my surgery date which I would receive in the post.

    Saturday 7th Feb: Not long now until my op, everyone keeps asking me if I am nervous, but for some reason I am not. Had lots going on recently so probably not really thought about it.

    Monday 9th Feb: Well I think the nerves have finally kicked in and I am now very, very nervous. Bag packed, and all ready to be picked up at 6.30 in the morning.

    Tuesday 10th Feb: Left the house at 6.30 this morning and got back home at 19.50, a very long tiring day, but its all over. Arrived at the hospital for 7.30, was taken to my bay and was told people would be around this morning to inform us of what was going to happen. The anesthetist arrived at 8.15 to tell me what pain relief I would be given during the operation, this was a spinal block and sedatives. There was an option for a general but I didn't want that. At 9.00 the surgeon came round told me what she was going to do and to get undressed and get my gown on because I was 2nd on the list and someone would come for me about 10.00.

    10.10 arrived and that was it, I was being wheeled into surgery. I was given my spinal and sedatives and taken into surgery. I dont remember a thing after that, I actually fell asleep and woke up about 2 mins before she had finished, just in time for her to tell me to cough.

    12.00 I was taken back to my bay and I was told before we was discharged we had to do 2 wee to make sure things were ok. It was about 17.00 before the feeling in my legs came back, but I had no feeling of needing to wee. This was really difficult. I managed to wee about 18.00, it was the most painfullest wee ever, it was horrible. Apparently this was normal. I managed to do another 2 wee and thankfully they were not painful. At last I was allowed home.

    Wednesday 11th Feb: Didn't get much sleep last night, I had to sleep on my back and I was unable to turn because it was too painful. The pain is like the worst period pain you will ever have. Stayed in bed all day.

    Thursday 12th Feb: Slept a little better last night, still unable to move in bed. Cannot bend down to put my own socks on but thankfully my little boy can put them on for me!

    Friday 13th Feb: Feeling really down and sorry for myself, dont like not being mobile. My pee problem actually seems worse now than it was before, having lots of accidents and unable to get to the toilet in time. I phoned the nurse to query this. Apparently this is normal and it will take 4-6 weeks before I will see any benefits. The tape needs to settle and I need to re-train my bladder.

    Monday 16th Feb: My mood has lifted, I can now put my own socks on and the pain seems a lot less. I am also able to drive again, so at least I can get myself out. Not noticed any benefits as yet, but it is still early days, only another 3+ weeks to wait.

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