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  • Aug 18


    So it’s just over seven weeks since Jessica arrived and turned our lives upside down! Who thought one small person could cause so much trouble but also bring so much joy and happiness particularly now she’s more alert and smiling at us all the time.

    I don’t think anyone can ever be truly ready for how much having a baby will change your day to day life. Just simple things like hanging the washing out or cooking dinner have been nearly impossible and some days very little is achieved, having said that I have been very lucky at night as Jess is a great sleeper and I got a whole six hours last night before she woke up for a feed.

    I thought being at home all day I would get so much done, I couldn’t be more wrong however I am loving being off work and going out for lunches, coffees and catching up with friends, my social life is great its just different from before. We have even managed some cheeky visits to the pub and a have just come back from a week in Tenerife.

    Tenerife was a lovely break and a great opportunity for the three of us to spend some quality time together, we went all inclusive which was lovely as meals times have been difficult at home, normally as soon as we sit down Jess decides its time for a feed or a cuddle so we normally take turns in eating. On holiday I had her in a baby carrier so she slept through meals whilst we stuffed ourselves with lots of lovely food and desserts three times a day. We both agreed on our return we needed to start eating better, me in particular as most days I was having sugary cereals, fish finger sandwiches and lots of chocolate as I just didn’t seem to have the time to make anything.

    I have been very lucky with my weight and figure as I am only a couple of pounds off my pre pregnancy weight and back in my pre pregnancy jeans. I felt happy in my bikini on my holiday. I think this was down to keeping up the exercise until 36 weeks pregnant and the fact Jess was a miniature 5lb 8.5ozs when she was born. I just have a little Mum tum I would like to zap so now we are back we home we have started the clean eating again. Last night I made my breakfast and lunch like I would if I was at work so I had no reason to make bad food choices. Preparation is always the key to success for me.

    I have my postnatal check up next week so hopefully the Dr will give me the all clear to exercise again! Once I can leave Jess a bit more I will be back at Booticamp.



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  • Jul 9

    How I lost 2 stone and excercised up until I was 36 weeks pregnant

    Read my blog, of how I lost 2 stone and excercised up until I was 36 weeks pregnant, follow my post pregnancy progress of getting back into training with the Booticamp Babes

    I also have a little testimonial video to add tomorrow of a lady who has lost 13lbs in 3 weeks with Booticamp Babes

    Dianes blog

    Dianes blog

    Dianes blog

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