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  • Aug 26

    How to fall in LOVE with EXERCISE

    Some people love exercise and some people hate it. I used to be one of those people who found going to the gym or doing any form of exercise a complete chore, it also was something that made me feel very self conscious because of how I looked and felt about myself!

    However these days I don’t even think twice about going to Booti 3-4 x a week, or swimming at the pool, or nipping out for the occasional run or bike ride, That’s because I seriously do love a good workout. I love the way it makes me feel, I love what it does for my body, and I love the frame of mind it puts me in.
    The trick to keeping an exercise habit long term is to fall in love with it. I've seen lots of ladies at Booticamp go from hating exercise to absolutely loving every minute of it and becoming completely addicted, many of our ladies also find that the fitness level that they achieve at Booticamp, spurs them on to take on extra challenges that may never have thought possible, such as a 5/10k run, compete in triathlons or take part in a swim challenge.

    So if you are one of those people who currently hates exercise, here’s how to get started.

    1.Don’t overwhelm yourself

    If you don’t do any exercise at all, then trying to do everything at first can be extremely overwhelming. Booticamp Babes offers a FREE week trial, to see if you enjoy the sessions and if it is something that fits into your lifestyle- you can go at your own pace and ease yourself back into an exercise routine, until you feel comfortable enough to push yourself.

    2.Don’t over-exercise

    Whilst it is good to have a consistent exercise habit, you don’t want to overdo it. When exercise completely takes over the rest of your life, then it becomes a chore and you will not enjoy it. I always say that 3 sessions a week with a rest in between each day is sufficient to see good results, however if you do have a special occasion or are going on holiday then it wont hurt to ramp it up to 4/5 sessions a week, to feel that little bit extra special!

    3.Change it up

    Most gym classes or other fitness bootcamps, run programs in 4, 8 or 12 week blocks, It can be very easy to get bored with exercise if you are doing the same thing day in and day out, and know exactly what to expect, however at Booticamp Babes, our sessions are different EVERY time so you don’t get bored and sick of the same routine and you see great results as we work ALL areas of your body!  Set goals and reward yourselfSit down and write out your fitness goals, the key is to make them realistic, you are not going to lose a stone in a day!  Make sure you review your goals on a regular basis and have a system of giving yourself a reward each time you complete a step that is taking you closer to your goals. It doesn’t need to cost anything either. It could simply be giving yourself a facial at home, or a manicure. Just make sure you don’t make the reward food related.

    4. Get professional help

    If you are trying to develop your own exercise/healthy eating program or are just simply going from what you have read here and there in fitness magazines or online, it can feel very overwhelming. Health and fitness are a set of skills that takes time, effort and knowledge to learn, which is something that we pride ourselves on at Booticamp Babes, our team of our fully qualified Medical and Health professionals are here to provide everything you need to help you tone up, get fit and lead a healthier lifestyle - even if you don’t live near Derbyshire, we have an online plan that can fit in around you and your lifestyle. www.booticampbabes/online plan.

    5.Make it social

    Booticamp Babes is a very social community of women, where you can make new friends and have a lot of fun. Working out with a fitness buddy can definitely make exercise more enjoyable, It also helps with accountability and motivation when you are first starting out. Find a friend who has similar health and fitness goals as you and pair up. Commit to exercising together a certain amount of days a week and hold each other to it. Not only do you get your weekly exercise in, you also get to catch up with a friend 3 x a week, minus the coffee and cake!
    Exercising doesn’t have to be a chore, you just need to change the way you approach it and finding Booticamp Babes has changed 100’s of ladies as once you you start feeling good about yourself from a regular routine, you’ll not want to stop!

    Booticamp Babes offers a FREE week trial and online plans to suit everyone, contact us on 07816869626 for more details.

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  • Jul 16

    Fabulous results

    Fabulous results coming in from The Booticamp Babes Online plan, between 3-5lbs lost in 6 days- fantastic ladies!!

    Here are just some of our ladies results and comments…..

    5lbs off and feeling full of energy. Had the Spicy Pork last night - big hit with all the family. Bring on week 2- Emma

    Checking in this morning with a 3 pound loss! Haven't been sleeping well recently and last night I slept so much better. Have actually woken up feeling quite refreshed - haven't felt like that in ages- Nicola

    I have lost 4lbs which I am very happy about- Vicki

    3lb lost. Very much enjoying having lots more fruit in my day- Jess

    Our online ladies can expect to lose anything from 7-15lbs in 4 weeks!

    If you would like to be part of the online community then please register for the next plan which starts September! Just in time to get rid of all those unwanted holiday pounds!

    Click Here for more information on our September Challenege

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  • Jul 10



    The girls from Boobydoo came for an exclusive fitting oh sports bras for the Belper Booti Babes last night!

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