• May 16

    How to Overcome Night time Cravings/Snacking

    The first thing is to identify whether you eat due to hunger or craving. Sometimes you can under eat during the day and thus get hungry at night, thereby mistaking it with cravings. If you have troubles sleeping at night and wake up severally in the middle of the night from hunger, this act is a true sign of hunger. At such instances, you will need to eat real food.

    After identifying that you are not eating out of hunger, and it’s thus cravings, you can go ahead and use the following tips to overcome the snacking behavior. Remember that it is not wise to suppress the cravings by depriving yourself of these snacks.

    Substitute your "normal" snacks with healthy snacks such as veg sticks, fruit, nuts, protein shakes etc....

    1. Following the Two-To-Three Hour Rule

    Keep yourself satisfied and energised during the day by eating after every two-to-three hours.

    It will encompass breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner. The chances are that you will not get the urge of reaching for a snack in the kitchen after dinner.

    2. Make Proteins and Fiber Your Best Buddies

    Ensure that every meal that you take has proteins and fiber. They will keep you feeling full for longer time periods and thus sustain your energy levels. Go for healthy proteins like chicken, eggs, seeds & nuts, and beans Try to make sure that your last meal at night is made of more proteins than carbs.

    3. Sip Some Water

    Water is life! Keep a glass of water or a cup of warm green/ fruit tea by your bed when you go to sleep. Each and every time you feel like snacking, sip it slowly to keep your mouth busy.

    4. Give It a Break

    Maybe you are used to certain behaviors after dinner that has made snacking a habit. Do you read a book after dinner with snacks by your side? Or do you go to bed immediately after dinner, making you feel the urge to eat?

    Change the habits-  take a walk after dinner, watch a movie, read a book, research new recipes- try to keep yourself busy by breaking your usual cycle!

    Hopefully, the above tips will help you break your night time cravings.

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  • May 15

    How to beat weight loss saboteurs!

    The feeling you have got from losing a few pounds is priceless- 

    “Nothing tastes as good as losing weight feels, ” they say, but what can leave you feeling deflated and frustrated, is a diet saboteur.  No sooner than you have dropped a dress size and lost a few pounds than the diet saboteurs are out in force with the following statements.

    "Your wasting away"

    "Your lovely as you are"

    "You don't eat enough"

    "You're doing so great -- you can have one little piece"

    "I like a bit meat on my women/man."

    "You don't need to lose any more weight"

    "Why don't you just quit exercising, eat what you want and die happy"


    These people, consciously or not, are trying to sabotage your diet, There’s one everywhere you look, they are usually the people you work with, your closest friends or your even your family.   Most of the time they do actually mean well, however, sometimes you can see it as a criticism and can be left feeling deflated and upset!  

    Although to be brutally honest, these people have no idea how they’re sabotaging you. But every time you achieve a weight loss Milestone, they are there offering -  not support and encouragement, but an extra doughnut, some crisps, maybe an extra glass of wine, and "egging" you on to "just eat"

    But why do they do it?

    They don't understand:

    Some people have never had a weight problem and just don’t understand how hard you’ve worked to get where you are. 

    They think it’s "silly" for you to worry about what you eat and have always thought you were perfect as you are, however, they don't often see what you see when you're standing naked in front of the mirror, we always think that we can do with losing a few pounds and are never entirely satisfied with what we see, others have a different perception of us, they accept us how we are, but if your reading this article, I know you will agree with me when I say we are all our own worst critic.

    They feel Guilty: 

    You're losing weight at a rapid rate and fitting back into old clothes, they, however, are not, they are still waiting for Monday to come to start the "diet" or for when the next "offer" becomes available at the gym or slimming club, which tends to be never! 

    They don't like Change

    Getting fit and losing weight through healthy eating and exercise creates big changes, not just in your body but your whole attitude on life. These changes are ones that you wholeheartedly welcome, however, if your friends and family aren't in the same mode of change, they can be oblivious, jealous, and uncomfortable with your changes. But what causes this change in their behaviour towards you, after you have ringed them excitedly to tell them that you've just zipped your jeans up without a struggle on the bed.

    They miss the "old" you

    Remember when you were fun, remember the sweets and treats you brought into work, the after-hours socialising, enjoying the "happy hours" spent in the pub, indulging in chips and garlic bread -  Weekends just don't seem the same without you, the Friday night curry, the Saturday takeaway and the Sunday carvery.. or maybe you’re spending more time on fitness and going to the gym or attending fitness classes and have less free time for them. 

    What to do: Try the following suggestions to help conquer your saboteurs

    Don’t assume the worst: 

    Unless sabotage is blatantly deliberate, give saboteurs the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their motives. If your mother serves you your favourite calorie-laden dinner, it’s more than likely that she associates food with love, not that she wants you fat. She's your mother, she just wants to see you healthy and happy. 

    Just say no:

    You shouldn’t have to accept someone forcing you to eat something that you don't want too.  Just politely Say "No, thanks," and leave it at that, what you chose to eat or not to eat, has absolutely nothing to do with them-  you wouldn't force an alcoholic to have a drink or a smoker to have a cigarette, would you? Remember you are making the choices that benefit you.

    Don't feel guilty about leftovers:

    With severe food crisis and desperate situations all over the world, none of us like food waste, but remember you don’t have to be a member of the 'Lick your plate clean club" if you are full, and you can't physically eat anymore, then let that be the end of the discussion. You don't need to justify your actions to anyone.

    Share your success secrets:

    Show people what they're missing, give them a sample of the healthy foods you've learned to enjoy, share your tasty recipes, introduce them to new exciting food, that they've never tried before. Take them to your fitness class, or enrol them as your gym buddy, the minute you both have a common interest again, will not only please them but get them healthy too!

    Set up your own support system: 

    If you can recruit friends and family in your quest for a healthier life, you will be able to create a valuable support system. Research suggests that when your social network supports you, you have more success. Avoid friends (at least temporarily) who are a negative influence, maybe even make new friends who share your goals. You’ll get stronger with time, and be able to handle the not-so-supportive people.

    Be a grown up:

    Remember that ultimately, whatever you put in your mouth is your responsibility.  While others may tempt you, it is you who is in control of your own life.  Feel empowered that you’re not adopting a healthier lifestyle for someone else, but for you and that is all that matters, learn to enjoy your new found confidence,  you only have one life, so ignore the saboteurs and live it to its fullest.

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  • May 30


    Booticamp Babes Clean Meals

    Honey Nut Smoothie

    Honey Nut Smoothie

    1 Banana
    240ml of Almond Milk
    1 Tbsp Honey
    1Tbsp organic peanut butter
    1 cup of crushed ice

    Place all ingredients in blender and pulse until smooth

    Mason Jar Salad


    Mason Jar Salad

    2 tbsp of olive oil
    Squeeze of 1/2 a lemon
    Salt & pepper

    4-5 Cherry Tomatoes
    Handful of celery
    Handful of diced carrots
    Handful of dice cucumber
    Handful of dices peppers
    Handful of spring onions
    Handful of Spinach

    Place dressing at the bottom of a mason jar and layer ingredients, make sure the salad leaves are at the top and then shake and serve, can be served with chicken, prawns, or if vegetarian use chick peas

    Tuna Fish Cakes


    Tuna Fishcakes

    1 can of tuna in water/brine ( well drained)
    100g of oats
    1 large egg
    50g of sweetcorn
    1 tbsp plain non fat Greek yoghurt
    1/4 tbsp of ground black pepper
    Pinch of chilli flakes

    Mix together all ingredients in a large glass bowl- if mixture is a bit wet, then add a few more oats.
    Heat 2tsp of olive/coconut oil in the a large non-stick pan over med – high heat.
    Make sure your hands are clean and scoop out ¼ of mixture for each cake. form into patties. Fry patties 2-3 mins each side or until golden brown. Serve with a fresh salad.

    Go to for recipe.

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  • Feb 23

    Bootcamp Bro's

    Bootcamp for men Derbyshire

    Society and environmental factors have taken a toll on today’s man.

    Today with hectic work schedules, less physical activity, and stress levels 100 times greater than our grandparents, obesity has increased and testosterone levels have plummeted. 

    This leaves men unhealthy, feeling weak, stressed out, overweight, lethargic and with low libidos! 

    To combat this we introduce the Bootcamp Bro's experience for men only.

    At Bootcamp Bro's, we don’t just lift weights, there is no boring cardio and machines here, we run different workouts every session utilising equipment ranging from Kettle Bells, Free Weights, Battling Ropes, Medicine Balls, Swiss Balls, Body Weight, Bands, Tyres, Sprinting, Agility Drills and more to prevent boredom and shock your body into results!

    2016 is the time to improve your health, energy, libido and muscle mass while decreasing stress and body fat, helping you achieve the body and lifestyle you always wanted. 

    Sign up today and get your first session FREE! 

    Bootcamp Bro's offers all the benefits of private personal training in a fun and motivational small group atmosphere for a fraction of the cost!

    Combine this type of training with our nutritional guidelines and watch the fat melt off and the healthy, studly body you’ve always dreamed of appear!

    Call 07816869626 for more details or book online and secure your place TODAY!

    8-9pm Every Wednesday at Ripley Junior School.

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